Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mock Draft 2011

After watching much of the draft combine, I have decided to make a Mock Draft. I will try to remain unbiased but I am clearly a Jazz fan.

1. Cleveland - Kyrie Irving
I would be dumb to suggest that Cleveland will not take Irving. He is obviously the best prospect and Cleveland is not banking on Baron Davis.
2. Minnesota - Enes Kanter
This may be the surprise pick. Most believe Minnesota will take Derrick Williams but they really like Micheal Beasley. I can see them taking the Turkish Center to pair with Love, that is if they don't trade this pick.
3. Utah - Derrick Williams
With AK going into free agency, the Jazz need a solid small forward. Williams can shoot the three ball and get into the paint. He is perfect for the Jazz.
4. Cleveland - Jonas Valunciunas
The big boy from Lithuania will come of the board here because Erdin and Harongody are not the future for Cleveland.
5. Toronto - Kemba Walker
This team needs a winner and Kemba Walker is a winner. Walker will provide some leadership to this team.
6. Washington - Jan Vesely
Washington is hurting in the 3 and 4 spot. Vesely can play both and be big at either spot.
7.Sacramento - Brandon Knight
Although I think Knight is the second best prospect at point guard in the draft, I think he will not come of the board until here.
8. Detroit - Alec Burks
Detroit is team hurting right now because their small guys cause trouble. Burks is the best shooting guard in the draft and fill a spot for one of the teams trouble makers.
9. Charlotte - Kawhi Leonard
Although his shooting is poor, his post presence will help the bobcats a lot.
10. Milwaukee - Marcus Morris
They don't have many that play well at the PF postition along side of Bogut. Morris will play well with Bogut.
11. Golden State - Bismack Biyombo
Biedrins has been playing well for Golden State, but they still need another big guy to through into the rotation.
12. Utah - Jimmer Fredette
Utah fans will be ecstatic for this to happen and it fills a need. Utah needs some solid three-point shooting.
13. Phoenix - Tristan Thompson
This guy is simply the best available player for the Suns to take.
14. Houston - Donatas Motiejunas
A big boy to replace Yao.
15. Indiana - Chris Singleton
16.Philadelphia - Kenneth Faried
17. New York - Klay Thompson
18. Washington - Jordan Hamilton
19. Charlotte -Tobias Harris
20. Minnesota - Markieff Morris
21. Portland - Lucas Nogueira
22. Denver - Nolan Smith
23. Houston - Josh Selby
24. Oklahoma City - Travis Leslie
25. Boston - Marshon Brooks
26. Dallas - Nikola Mirotic
27. New Jersey - Tyler Honeycutt
28. Chicago - Jordan Williams
29. San Antonio - Jon Leuer
30. Chicago - Chandler Parsons